Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited
Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited
Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited Laxmi Power Cables Private Limited
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We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of 1.1KV, PVC power & Control Cables, Flexible & Aerial Bunched Cables. We are in this field since 1975 Company is an !S / ISO-9001 : 2008 certified, situated at Daman. So the direct user can avail the from the Exemption of Sales Tax.

General Construction of Power Cables

Following special tests are most commonly carried out at present on HMT - PVC FRLS cables.

The conductor shall be composed of plain copper or aluminum wires complying with IS: 8130-1984. Mining Cables to be used in gassy mines shall be of copper conductor only.

The conductors are insulated with suitably compounded PVC, which is applied to the conductor by extrusion process.

Core Identification & Colour Scheme
Cores are identified by colour scheme of PVC insulation.

The following colour scheme is adopted.
One core - Red, Black, Yellow or Blue
Two Core - Red and Black
Three Core - Red, Yellow and Blue
Four Core - Red, Yellow, Blue and Black (reduced neutral core is also Black)

Inner Sheath
For all cables having two or more cores, a common covering (inner sheath) is provided over the laid up cores either by extrusion or by wrapping of plastic or proofed tapes. Single core cables do not require inner sheath.

Depending upon the application, the cables can be armoured. The armouring can be Round Steel Wire or Steel Strips. In case of cables where diameter over the inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm, the armour consists of Galvanished Round Steel Wires; above this size, the armour can be Galvanished Flat Steel Strips or Galvanished Round Steel Wires as per customers' requirement. In case of single core cables intended for use of an A.C. Systems, the armouring shall be of Aluminium Wires/Stripes or any other non-magnetic material.

Armouring of PVC Mining Cables consist of Galvanised Round Steel Wires/Strips, but wherever necessary, a few Tinned Copper Wires/Strips are also included to meet the resistance requirements of armouring for Mining Cables.

Outer Sheath
Over the armouring, or in case of unarmoured mechanical control cables, over the inner sheath (for single core cables over the insulation), a tough outer sheath of PVC is applied by extrusion. This is normally Black in colour. This provides a tough but smooth outer covering to PVC Cables. The trademark "HMT" along with the year/code of manufactured are embossed on the outer sheath. Wherever desired the customer name can also be embossed on the cable. The embossing script repeats at desired length of electrical control cables

Type Designation
The following code is used for designating the type of cable.

Constituents Code
Aluminium conductor A
PVC insulation Y
Steel round wire armour W
Steel strip armour F
Steel double round wire armour WW
Steel double strip armour FF
PVC outer sheath Y

Testing of PVC Cables
Testing is a vital part of cable manufacturing and all raw materials and finished cables are thoroughly tested to ensure quality control. HMT has a well equipped testing laboratory for carrying out electrical, mechanical and chemical tests which are required as per relevant specifications. The various tests as provided in the Indian Standards are carried out on HMT Cables. These are classified in three different groups: Routine Tests
The following tests constitute Routine Tests, which are carried out on each and every length of cable before it leaves the factory :

Conductor Resistance Test
This test ensures that conductor resistance is with the specified limits, thereby ensuring that the continuity of conductor is maintained throughout the cable length and that the conductor has the required cross section area. The DC resistance is measured at room temprature and is then corrected to standard reference temperature at 20°C.

High Voltage Tests
This test ensures that the insulation will safely withstand the rated voltage within permissible normal operation.

Type Tests
These tests are carried out on samples taken from each production lot. They are carried out to prove conformity as regards the general qualities and design to the specification of particular type of cable. These tests are enumerated in the relevant Indian Standards.

Acceptance Tests
The customers can request the various acceptance tests as provided in the relevant Indian Standard to be carried out before accepting the cables.
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